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Based in the heart of Cardiff, in South Wales, Cardiff Therapy Rooms offers counselling and psychotherapy services for a number of mental health issues including depression, anger management, anxiety, stress, bereavement, and relationship problems.  We also offer executive coaching, EMDR and CBT.

If you have a question about therapy or counselling, you may find the answer below.

You will find out more about each individual therapists’ particular interests and specialisms by clicking on their profile.

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Research indicates strongly that one of the key factors in successful therapy treatment is the relationship that you have with your therapist. It is therefore important that you take the time to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you feel you can really trust. It’s not a bad idea to chat on the phone to a few therapists or to meet a number before deciding who you would like to work with. This is not an unusual practice and therapists won’t mind you doing this.  The initial session is an opportunity for both you and the therapist to decide if you would like to work together.

If you are uncertain which therapist might best match your needs then please contact Kerry McGeever by email, and she will help you find which practitioner could work best for you and the issue that you would like to explore.

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This can vary depending on the kind of therapy but as a rule of thumb sessions are usually between 45 mins to 1 hour. It is certainly one of the questions you can ask when choosing your therapists and often they have this info at the end of their profiles.

This can depend on a number of factors.  Firstly, it can depend on you and how you work.  Also, on the nature of the issue you are working on and what work you put in between session. You and your therapist will review your progress regularly so that you can get a sense of how things are going and how much more needs to be done.

Immediate issues can often be dealt with in a defined period.  More chronic issues are often more open ended and take longer. This would all be discussed with your therapist in your first session, and then regularly reviewed.

Some specific forms of therapy such as CBT  or Executive Coaching are quite focused and take place over a limited number of sessions.

Most therapists advertise the cost of their sessions on their profile.  If not, this is an important question to ask when you are selecting who to work with.  Therapists generally charge between £45 and £100 per session depending on the nature of the therapy and the experience they have. Some therapists do have a number of low-cost sessions available, and again this is usually highlighted on their home page.

Therapists do not prescribe medication for mental health conditions. These would be prescribed by your GP or clinical psychiatrist. Counsellors and therapists are very used to working with people who are taking specific mental health medication and it is important for them to know what you are taking so that they can work with you and support you.