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Sophia Davis – Somatic Therapist


You’re welcome to email, text, or call me, and I’m happy to have a chat before you decide whether to try out an initial session.


Phone: 07784 376615

In person sessions only.

Somatic Therapy with Soph Davis

I use a body-oriented approach that combines the physical with the psychological to work through the issues you are struggling with. There’s an increasing awareness that the body plays a role in our mental health, and that changing how we sense ourselves and our ways of moving, breathing, and holding tension and relaxing can all influence how we think and feel. The body feeds into the brain in a dynamic process, so for example, in states of anxiety and post-traumatic stress, the way our brains sense a hyper-alert state within our bodies is a large part of the emotional state.

I work with people on issues like feeling pressured and stressed, or worried and lacking self-confidence, or panicked and anxious, so that they can feel more comfortable being themselves and connecting with others, and can pursue their work and life aims with more clarity and enjoyment.

I provide a safe space for my clients to build awareness of themselves, strengthen their own resources, and experience and release emotions without judging them, which can allow you to become calmer, clearer, and more grounded and confident. In this way, I teach my clients how to channel their energy into the actions they want, taking control of their lives and becoming more fulfilled in their work, and more connected in their relationships.

I’d been reading about mind-body connections for most of my life, but only began doing body-based therapy as a client after having begun a career as a researcher in Berlin. I was amazed by how much I started being able to connect with and describe what was going on inside, and how it enabled me to start changing and opening up. That’s why I did the 3-year training in the Grinberg Method, a body-based approach, and then trained in a second body-oriented method, the Pantarei Approach. I’ve worked with clients since 2011, and living in Berlin for a decade gave me the experience of working with people from a variety of backgrounds. My BA was in biological natural sciences, and I did a PhD in the history and philosophy of science, which gave me the skills of thinking critically and going beyond the surface, and seeing everything as a work-in-progress, which I still use today. These days I am also the Senior Editor of Lancet Psychiatry, and being part of a leading psychiatry journal gives me valuable insights into developments in mental health research and practice.

What to expect in a somatic therapy session

Talking through your situation, thoughts, and feelings, I help you to identify patterns that you’re stuck in and to notice the physical experience that comes along with it – like feeling restless, tight in your chest, a block of concrete in your stomach, a kind of nausea, shutting down, or a sense of going numb. Using a combination of attention, touch, breathing, and movement, I teach you to find ways to shift out of those states, gently creating change and a sense of control.

We spend the first part of the session talking and then move to body-based work, but still talking about what is experienced. I work with different levels of touch, from light to stronger. You remain clothed in the session, but it can be useful to wear comfortable clothing as if you were doing light exercise. You’ll often be lying on a massage table or sometimes in a standing position. There’ll be a few minutes at the end of the session where I leave you to rest covered in a blanket, for the experience to settle.

Areas I work with:

Qualifications and Training:

  • Qualified Grinberg Method practitioner (body-based learning)
  • Qualified Pantarei Approach practitioner (body-based learning)


Sessions are £70 and last one hour. A reduced price of £60 is available for students or people on a low income.