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Gerard Szary – Couples Counselling

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To find out more, call me on 029 2282 0866 or email at for a 15 minute consultation without charge.

Face to Face and Online (via Zoom) sessions available

Gerard Szary – Couples Therapy

Are you in a relationship where conflict feels like it is part of everyday living? Do the same issues come up again and again and never get resolved? Are you constantly emotionally or mentally fatigued?  Being connected is key to your wellbeing. You started your relationships with positive connections with your partner and hopes for a bright future for you both, and your family.

However, relationships change. Your partner’s personality features, which were quirky at the outset, become more difficult to live with. Affection and attention which was so strong at the beginning of the relationship has waned. Transitions in life are inevitable, and changes both planned, and unplanned, occur.  Positive connections and intimacy disappear, replaced sometimes by loneliness, anger, and sadness. Stress levels rise during communication, and hurtful things get said.

I am a psychotherapist specialising in couple’s therapy.  I am also a registered social worker.  In social work I specialise in completing reports in private law proceedings where parents are in dispute about the arrangements for either contact (referred to sometimes as access) or residence (sometimes referred to as custody). I see close-up the consequences for children of unresolved conflict in partner relationships which has, through increasingly heightened  emotionally led to court as a  way of trying to resolve this conflict..

There are  methods of couple therapy based on research about what works to make a significant change to regain positive connections in relationships.  I have completed extensive training in the Gottman method of couple’s therapy. This method gives a path to assist couples even in extreme circumstances such as if one person has had an affair. Trust then has been destroyed and the betrayed partner has experienced trauma. If you or your partner are thinking of or have separated but want to find out if there is a way to change, then there is hope.

I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. I offer sessions face to face or online.

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Fees are face to face:
£130.00 per hour for couple sessions, and £105.00 per hour for individual sessions.

Virtual sessions are:
£120.00 per hour for couples and £95.00 for individuals.

15 minute consultation without charge.