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Covid-19 and Therapy – Face to Face Sessions

You may be looking to start therapy. This could be because the ever-changing state of affairs and the increased anxiety that Covid-19 is bringing mean that you feel the need of help from a professional to manage your emotions and fears. 

Lockdown has given many people the chance to reflect on their life and consider what is wrong with it and how they might change that.  You may therefore have decided that this is a good moment to commit to the therapy and mental health work you have been promising yourself and feel you need.

Many therapists are offering online sessions and this may be something to consider, however therapists are also beginning to see their clients face-to-face. As a rule, clients find face-to-face therapy to be more beneficial and at Cardiff Therapy Rooms  we have taken steps to make this possible in accordance with the ongoing Covid regulations.

Measures we are taking for face-to-face sessions

We have introduced a number of measures to make sure that our spaces are as safe as they can be. 

The furniture in each room has been configured to comply with self-distancing.

A regime of thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfecting is in place.

The rooms are well ventilated and therapists are using a specialist viral spray between clients.

Appointments are staggered so that you are unlikely to cross with other clients.

Wipes and sanitiser are freely available throughout the building.

Custom Cough/Sneeze Screens

We have also equipped each of the rooms with a Perspex cough/sneeze screen (see photos) which are a discreet and unobtrusive barrier providing you with one more reassurance in terms of personal safety.

Covid compliant therapy sessions
COVID Compliant Therapy Sessions

Online Therapy

For both the therapist and the client face-to-face therapy usually offers advantages over remote therapy forms.  However, with faster broadband, 4G / 5G, improved video cameras and apps, counselling and psychotherapy online has become much more effective and accessible to everyone with a computer or smart phone.

And of course at this time, therapists are still offering online sessions as an option.

Our Therapists

Take a look at the Our Therapists page and make contact with the therapist you would like to discuss therapy with.

What do I need, to have an online therapy session?

If you would still rather online therapy, you will need:

A good internet connection –use a private wifi (not public) connection

A desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile with a camera – have a practice first to see how and where you will prop this so that you can see the screen and see your therapist and that they can see you.

A good seatmake sure you will be comfortable for the full session.

Positionit is best to have a source of light in front of you so that your face is clear, so either some kind of desk lamp, or in front of a window for natural light.

Somewhere confidential and quiet –so that you can be clearly heard by your therapist.

Somewhere where you won’t be interrupted by other people.