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Stress and Anxiety Therapy

Stress is a natural feeling, designed to help you cope in challenging situations. In small amounts it can be good, even vital. It pushes you to work hard and do your best, to achieve and succeed.

But if you are feeling very stressed, if it continues for a long period of time or feel you cannot manage stress, it can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. It can even lead to panic attacks which are very frightening. It is likely to affect your professional performance or make you irritable and short tempered at home.

You may start to:

  • have sleep problems
  • find it hard to concentrate
  • snap at people
  • feel teary or out of control
  • feel short of breath or breathe very fast
  • feel fear or panic

Short periods of stress are normal and can often be resolved by something as simple as completing a task which cuts down your workload, or by talking to others and taking time to relax.

Long-term stress and anxiety are difficult to resolve by yourself and it’s often best to seek help. It is estimated that 5% of the population suffer from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).  Slightly more women are affected than men and it is more common in the 35-39 age group.

The exact cause of GAD is not fully understood, although it’s likely that a combination of several factors plays a role.

Research has suggested that these may include:

  • overactivity in areas of the brain involved in emotions and behaviour
  • an imbalance of the brain chemicals serotonin and noradrenaline, which are involved in the control and regulation of mood
  • the genes you inherit from your parents – you’re estimated to be 5 times more likely to develop GAD if you have a close relative with the condition
  • having a history of stressful or traumatic experiences, such as domestic violence, child abuse or bullying
  • living with chronic pain
  • having a history of substance addiction

Mindfulness, coaching, CBT, counselling and other forms of talking therapy can be really helpful in identifying the causes of stress and finding ways of tackling it.

Do not struggle alone. Anxiety can seriously affect so many aspects of your life, and that’s not only distressing for you, but also for those around you, and it leads to a lot of wasted energy.  At Cardiff Therapy Rooms the therapists are trained in a variety of disciplines and have the experience to help you.

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